Pai Gow

Experience a table game classic that delivers great action and a mix of traditional poker with Eastern grounds of fortune. With cutting edge graphics and the latest in digital animation, Pai Gow Poker offers a modern version of a legendary Chinese game played with dominoes.

The objective of the game is to create two winning poker hands with 7 cards dealt at the beginning. Traditional poker hand ranking rules apply and create an interesting variation on a classic format for maximum rewards.

Begin the journey by selecting your wagering amount from a minimum $2 bet to a maximum $200 value per turn. Next call is to press the Deal button that leads to 7 cards being dealt to the player.

The concept is simple, using standard poker hand rankings, select two cards to split meaning they will be your second hand comprised of two cards and your first hand will have the remaining five cards. Once you click on split after you make your selection, they face the dealer’s hand for a final decision on to who’s the winner.

The interesting feature in Pai Gow poker is that both selected card combinations have to win so even if you don’t have a double winning combo, having just one hand as a winner ensures a Push at the end meaning neither the player or dealer won an as a result, so there is tie and your bet is returned back. Look for flushes, three pairs and so forth just as in classic poker, the secret is to build up a strong hand to battle against the dealer.

The odds at winning are very good and Pai Gow prizes players quickly. Contrary to many other casinos games that rely on luck as the only helpful tool for a gaming enthusiast to rely on, Pai Gow poker allows the player to carefully choose his game plan and create a good strategy.

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