Texas Holdem Bonus Poker

Texas Holdem Bonus Poker is a table game designed to be as closest to the real thing as possible. Whether they are waiting to get on a poker table or after a bad beat, poker players usually flock to this table. These players usually show up and play as if they are in a live cash game, which usually results in folding. Big problems here, this is the same concept as Texas Holdem Poker, but not the same game. Why? Playable hands are different, you’re only against one player (the dealer) and your betting is very limited. This game is branded well, having that allure of actual Hold’em poker. It’s fun and can be a lucrative game to play, as long as you have a solid betting technique and are aware of what hands you should go through and press with.

Bonus Poker

Poker Hands – Please Refer to the Beginners guide for this information

Community cards- The community cards are five cards compiled by the flop, turn and river. These five cards are dealt face up at different stages of the game play. They are referred to as community cards because they are used by all players and the dealer.

Flop- The first three face up cards after the first round of betting.

Turn- The fourth card after the second round of betting

River- The fifth card after the third round of betting

Ante- Your original wager, also the name of the betting circle where you first place your bet

Check- One of your three options of play, you can check, meaning you choose to stay without betting more. (Other two options are to bet or fold.)

How to Play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker

Place your bet on the ante. You may also play on the Bonus side bet, but this is optional. You will receive two cards. After seeing them you will now have the option to continue with the hand or fold. If you fold you have forfeited your ante, (plus side bet if wagered). If you like your hand and want to continue you are forced to place double your ante on the “Flop” betting square.(Important). You have to bet double your ante here, no more, no less. The first round of betting is now over, the dealer will place three cards face up. This is the second round of betting. You now have the option to either bet the turn, or check. If you choose to bet the turn, the only allowable bet is the same as your ante. Checking is free; you no longer have to place more chips to see more cards. After you have made your decision the dealer will now place one card face up, this is called the “turn”. At this time you have entered the final round of betting. Again you have the option to bet the “river” or check. The “river” bet is also restricted to the same as your ante.  After your decision the dealer flips one final card face up. There is now five cards placed face up, referred to as the “community cards”, for good reason. These five cards are used by all players (and the dealer). The five community cards plus your original two cards are used to create your best possible five card hand. The dealer will then continue by showing their two cards and their best five card hand. Simple!, if your hand is better than the dealer’s you win, if not…your loss. Texas Holdem Bonus is the exact same concept as Texas Holdem poker but with a few twists, and with these twists you need to alter your approaches involving betting.

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