Craps is a game to play by a number of players at once. Craps is played on a big table with high boards with the help of pair of dices which are thrown by the leading player. This player is named Shooter. In dicing two playing dices are used. The result of each throw is the combination of the dropped out dices, and points on their top sides – the sum of numbers from 2 to 12.

Dicing consists of two stages when the dices are thrown. These stages are called Come out Roll (the first throw in the round when number Point is defined) and Point Roll (all subsequent throws after the definition of number Point).

Before the game the bets on the victory (Pass Line) or on loss are made (Don’t Pass Line) by the player throwing dices. Other bets, except Come and Don’t Come are resolved also. Further the first throw – Come out Roll is made. After the first throw following combinations are possible:

Craps (the sum of points is 2, 3, 12) – Pass Line bets lose, Don’t Pass Line bet wins in a ratio 1:1 and when 2 or 3 appear the bet simply comes back to the player

when 12 appears.

Natural (the sum of points is 7 or 11) – Don’t Pass Line bet loses, Pass Line bet wins in the ratio 1:1.

Point (the sum of points is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12) – the dropped out number which is called as the Point is fixed.

In the Point Roll stage the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets are played under such scheme: the dices are thrown until the 7 or the Point is dropped out. In case of dropping out the seven, the Pass Line bet loses, and Don’t Pass Line bet wins 1:1. In case of point dropping out, on the contrary, Pass Line wins 1:1, and Don’t Pass Line loses. Thus at both stages of the betting news game the player can do various additional bets.

After the end, the game starts over from the first round. Bets on Pass/Don’t Pass Line are accepted only before the first round; however, there are similar bets under the names Come and Don’t Come which are accepted always, except during the first round. Certainly, you can find more information about craps game in specialized sites devoted to this game.

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