Playing Online Bingo Game

The Bingo card has fifteen non-correlative numbers and 99 balls that must be placed inside the drum. As each ball comes out, you have to mark the numbers that match those on the cardboard. The first to discard all the numbers in a horizontal line calls “line” and gets a small prize (around 8% of the total amount being played). If several people get a line with the same number, the prize is shared.

The 90 numbers bingo is the traditional bingo that we all know, the one of a lifetime. The fundamentals are basic, 3 horizontal lines with 5 numbers in boxes on each line, adding a total of 15 numbers that have to be crossed out as they are called. The numbers in these boxes range from 1 to 90. The winning scheme is simple, the first player to complete a line or the entire card will win a prize. The game is similar to American bingo with 75 Numbers, however, the differences are notable, since the winning scheme varies radically.

The game is played with two schemes and each of them carries a prize. Schemes include completing the single row (known as a “Line”) and the full card (known as “Bingo”). Random numbers between 1 and 90 appear on the Bingo Board. The first player to cross out a horizontal line (Line) or finishing with all the numbers on the card (Bingo), will be the winner of the prize corresponding to this scheme.

Each face (grid of numbers) in 90 Number Bingo is known as a card. The 90 Number Bingo cards contain 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row contains 5 dials with numbers and 4 blank dials. One strip contains a total of 6 game cards , which contain all 90 numbers. In the case of playing the entire strip of six cards in a bingo game, all the numbers between 1 and 90 are covered, and therefore a number is crossed out for each drawing.

The winning schemes are always the same and each game usually contains two card designs . Schemes include Single Row Horizontal (Line) and the Whole Card (Bingo). The first player to cross out a horizontal line (Line) or finishing with all the numbers on the card (Bingo), will be the winner of the prize corresponding to this scheme.

When someone crosses out all the numbers on their card, they make Bingo and the game is over. The lucky one who gets it will receive approximately 57% of the money that is being played in the room at that moment, which is why players look for rooms where there are a lot of people. Another 3% of the money is reserved for “Accumulated Bingo”. This is achieved when bingo is called before a certain number of balls have come out (around 38 or 40, depending on the rooms).

It is a prize that exceeds several tens of thousands of euros. The room usually keeps 10% of the money played, and the remaining 20% ​​is kept by the State. The duration of the game depends on the number of players. The more tickets sold, the more chances that bingo will happen sooner. In a room with about 300 players, a round can last about five minutes, and the bingo can be called around the 60 ball.

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