Playing Android Slot Machines

Android casinos aren’t just for table game enthusiasts – slots players can join the party, too. There are literally hundreds of different Android slots out there, all with unique features and game play. Mobile slots players have access to the same perks as PC players: progressive jackpots, mutli-payline machines, and bonuses to name a few. The only difference is that Android slots don’t require you to be glued to a chair in your house. You can spin the reels from wherever you are at any time you want.

Android slots come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve seen 3-reel machines, 5-reel machines, and multi-reel video slots all playable on my phone. I’ve come across fruit machine replicas, movie-themed machines, and classic bandit reproductions, all available at the tap of a finger. Most machines let you tailor your stakes to whatever bet amount you want: coin value, paylines, and number of spins are all variable. These options make Android slots a true real money slots experience, equally as realistic as PC-based slots.

The number of fake money slot machines available for download through Google Play is staggering. What’s even more impressive is the usage statistics: the top Android slots have been downloaded between 5 and 10 million times. That’s a ton of people playing mobile slots on Android devices, and a good sign that a lot of developers are paying attention to the niche.

All you need to do is search “slot machine” at the Google Play store to see what I mean. Here’s a small sample of the apps you’ll find:

Slot Machine by Apostek Software (free), a well maintained slots app with hundreds of features. This machine has over 20 mini-games, which makes it more like a traditional video game than a slot machine. The experience is enhanced by a variety of different jackpots, free credit options, and a real-time leader board for some friendly competition.

Slot City, a solid machine decked out in Vegas-style neon for a realistic video slot experience.

Slot Machine – Megan Fox, a traditional 3-reel slot machine with an unexpected twist. As you win credits, you can use them to unlock wallpapers – of starlet Megan Fox. There’s something for everyone at Google Play, that’s for sure.

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