Roulette Odds

The wheel turns and turns, rolling the ball in every direction. The game is so tricky that even the exalted Einstein once declared that one cannot beat a roulette table unless one resorts to theft! However, we’ve got a few tips that would earn the respect of the aforementioned physicist, and you ought to be able to increase your chances at winning with them.

Crumpets and Croissants. What, you say? What I mean is sign up for European Roulette or French Roulette. And that’s because these two carry a house edge of 2.7%, while your typical American Roulette carries an edge of 5.26%. This 2% difference will greatly reduce your chances, as minute as it may seem.

Surrender! What? This really means that you take the option of taking back half your bet on bets that fall on even numbers—high-low, red-black, odd-even—in case the ball lands on zero or 00 for European and American roulette, respectively.

Imprisonment. Uh-oh now what’s that again? The En Prison rule allows you to save one bet for an additional spin every time the ball lands on the number zero. As long as this is the case, you won’t lose your bet. If in case you make it on your second try, you’ll get your bet back. If however you lose on the second try, your bet is gone. However, this is a good way to increase your chances at winning. Utilize it as much as possible.

Don’t stay Single. We’re not talking about hooking up, but about Single Number Bets. That’s because these Single Numbers rarely get a hit on the roulette table. Many people are lured into betting on them because the returns (35:1) are very attractive. But the reality is, you’re staking your money on a losing bet.

Don’t take chances. Yes it IS a game of chance, but you shouldn’t take more chances with your money. Bet small and win/lose small. Don’t bet big or based on your “feelings” because Lady Luck is a fickle ally. The key is strategics so that you end up with a longer playing time.

No, roulette is no longer considered to be a lucrative game on the casino roster of games but if you follow these simple rules and play ball the right way you CAN make quite an amount of money. When all else fails, just make sure you have a ball!

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