Latest Online Slot Games to Play

The world of online gambling moves very quickly, and unless you play at an online casino regularly you will probably miss most of the wide range of new slot games that come out every month. If you belong to one of the bigger casino sites like Captain Cooks Casino you will see the new games added to the casino each month on the day they are released.

One of the biggest slot games to come out recently is Tarzan™. This exciting jungle-dwelling character has been recreated in this amazing slot game by Microgaming. It offers some very exciting and innovative bonus rounds that will include many of the jungle-antics that Tarzan™ likes to get involved with.

Secret Romance is another new game just released by Microgaming in time for Valentine’s Day. If you’re feeling romantic, or you just fancy a game that oozes all the fine things in life, then this is a great game to play.

Another new game that has recently been released, and has proven to be a popular hit is Emperor of the Sea. Filled with sea life and treasures, you will have a lot of fun while navigating through the deep oceans to try and find the big bounty. Some great bonus features in this game, and definitely a lot of fun to play.

One thing that you may need to learn before you try to become the online casino genius you hope to be is that virtual casinos are very different from the type of casino that you may find in your favorite town. The fact is, online casinos have more ability to provide you with game play options, such as offering different betting amounts and even different styles of game play. However, as a professional player, there are other differences that you need to learn about, too.

For example, in a traditional casino there is no counting of cards. Online, it is much harder to track people who are playing. Further, it is harder to play against other players and bluff, since they are better able to count cards and there are fewer ways to pick up on tells from the other players. Virtual casinos are harder to play but they are just as fun.

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