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If you are looking for help choosing a good online roulette casino, then you have come to the right place. We have extensive reviews on uk casinos- we focus on roulette and have picked out the best companies that offer safe, secure and friendly gaming with fast payouts and a decent selection of our favorite game.

Not all casino bonus offers are friendly to roulette players- we list the ones that are. We are also building free roulette systems guide, and we have tips, articles and the latest roulette news on tournaments and bonus offers.

We’ve been developing this site for around 5 years now, and its driven off our passion for playing roulette, and online roulette in particular.

We just find playing online great entertainment- there’s no game in the casino like roulette for the buzz in our opinion. And it’s such a rich game, with a long and varied history. So we built this site to share some of our insights into the game, and to help point players in the right direction when it comes to choosing an online casino.

Not all casinos are friendly to roulette players in our experience. Most love slots players, and that’s because the average slot has a lower payout and slots players tend to play and play and play (which the casinos love).

But sit down at the virtual roulette table , and start playing in a measured, sensible way, picking your way around the even money bets, for example, and some casinos just can’t hack it! We list the ones that are roulette friendly, both in terms of the way they treat their players, the scope of their roulette games and the bonuses they offer.

In short, we try and cover:

1. The best UK roulette casino sites that pay out fast when you do win.

2. Unbiased reviews of these star casinos with information on what makes them so good (and if they have any bad points).

3. Bonus offers that are friendly to roulette players.

4. Guides to the most popular variants including European, American and French Roulette, but also including some more exotic games.

5. Free Roulette Systems. Should you pay for roulette strategies? In a word, no.

6. The latest news on new games, promotions and tournaments.

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We hope you enjoy the site. Please remember to play responsibly. Roulette should be a form of entertainment, not a “get rich quick scheme”. Only play with money you can afford to lose and set yourself a strict stop-loss limit and a take profit limit before you start to play.

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