Types of Online Slots Casinos

There are many forms that online slots casinos can take:

Classic slots – Classic slot machine games feature three reels with only one pay line. The designs and symbols used on those reels depend on the individual game. Some classic slot games have other features as well.

Five Reel Slots – These slot games have, as expected, five reels. All other elements of these games vary along with the slot game, including a number of pay lines, bonus features, and all symbols used in the game.

Video slots – Online video slots have multiple pay lines and multiple reels. Video slot games often include features such as wild and scatter symbols, which allow the player a wider range of combinations on which to win money. Major Million is an example of an exciting 5-reel video slot game.

Flash slots – To play flash slots online, the player needs to have Flash installed on his or her computer. Flash slots, however, allow the player to enjoy the game right from the casino’s website, eliminating the need to download software. There are flash versions of standard casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette, as well as progressive flash slot games. With these and so many other varieties of online slot machine games to choose from, no true connoisseur of slot machines could ever complain of too much downtime!

Online Slots Tournaments

As with many types of online games, one may choose a more interactive approach when playing online slot machine games as well. Many online casinos, such as All Slots and All Jackpots offer online progressive slots tournaments. Usually, the player must pay a small entrance, which can be as little as $5 or as much as $35 (All Jackpots even has tournament entry fees of $2), and then may compete either with his or her own real money or with play money. The advantage of participating on play money is that the only risk to the player is their entrance fee; however, when playing with real money, the player keeps his or her winnings. Many different types of slots are played in these tournaments; the number of players varies depending on the slots game involved.

Playing in online slots tournaments not only transforms the experience from a solitary activity to an interactive one, but it also creates a community of players who interact with each outside of the games through tournament websites and forums, where players discuss the games, trade tips, and offer each other advice.

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