The Payoffs of the Different Roulette Bets

Here are the different payoffs for each of the many roulette wagers you see on the table layout. We’ll also briefly mention how each is made on the layout.

A single number or straight bet is the easiest bet to make in roulette. All you have to do is to place your chips on a number you like. This has a payoff of 35 to one and is one of the toughest to win in roulette.
A two-number or split wager has a payoff of 17 to one. You wager on two numbers when you make this one. Just place your chips on the line in between your chosen two numbers and you’ve already made your wager for both.

A street or three-number bet follows suit with the two-number only that you place your chips on the outside line of a row of three numbers. This wager of course has better chances of winning compared to the two previous ones but the payoff is only at 17 to one.

A quarter or four-number bet (otherwise known as corner or square bet) has a payoff of eight to one and is made by placing your chips on the table layout where four numbers meet at a corner.

A five-number bet will have a payoff of six to one and is only available when you play on an American roulette wheel. You bet on the single zero, the double zero, and the numbers on the first row by placing your chips on the line that intersects all five numbers.

A six-number bet has a payoff of five to one and is done by placing your chips in between to street bets.
A column bet has a payoff of two to one. Just place your chips on the space for your chosen column and you’ve already made this roulette bet.

A dozen bet also has a payoff of two to one. Place your chips on the space for your chosen dozen on the roulette table layout.

A low or high bet has a payoff of one to one. Place your chips on either the space for low or for high.
An odd or even bet also has a payoff of one to one. You either place your chips on the space that says “odd” or the one that says “even”.

A red or black bet works like an odd or even and also has the same payoff. Place your chips on the space for either of the two colors.

Choose the roulette bet that has a payoff that suits your game. This may be just one item to check but it is as important as the other criteria.

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