The Internet’s Most Popular Slots

As with most forms of gambling, there a few online slots that are seen as much better than the rest and are therefore far more popular. This isn’t because they pay out more regularly though – it is simply because the people using them find them to be much more fun and far more exciting than the competition and, after all, having fun is what playing slot machines should be all about! So what are the most popular slots online and why do people like them so much?

One of the most popular slots is called Star of India and it has only been around for about 3 months so far. Despite this it has gained a massive following due to the different features that it offers and the fast paced action that the players find themselves in. It is one of the growing number of slot machines with a total of 20 win lines and it also features one of the most popular slots bonus games around, called Hot Hot Penny. This asks the player to pick certain tiles from the selection and they are then told how many free spins they have won, with the maximum being thirty! It is also usually connected to a slot machines site’s progressive jackpot, meaning that large winnings are available!

Another of the popular slot machines is the bizarrely named Invaders from the Plant Moolah, which is based on aliens kidnapping different types of animals and other objects from a rural farm. The special feature on this most popular of slot machines offers up to 50 free spins, but it is the zany action that keeps people coming back for more! As already stated, the object of online slot machines is to give people a sense of enjoyment, and they will be chuckling for the whole time they are playing this game.

The final of the incredibly popular slots to talk about is called Enchanted Unicorn, which has excellent graphics and even better features! The jackpot is gained when five lions appear, while the unicorn symbol is wild and can complete any combination. There is also a scatter symbol on this popular slots machine, which will treble your bet; four scatter symbols mean that your bet is multiplied by 10!

These are not the only slots that people love to play online – they are simply a selection of the more popular ones. There are huge amounts of different slot machines to find on a number of different sites, so head online and see which one becomes your favorite!

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