Roulette Betting Systems

Roulette is a simple game to play through which players can have an entertaining environment and win big prizes. The basic reason for which all the players play Roulette is to earn money by winning the game. Players make use of different Roulette betting systems to win the game of Roulette. It is very important for a player to choose a betting system and stick to it till the end of the game. Some of the well known Roulette Betting systems are Martingale Betting system, d’Alembert System and the Fibonacci System.

Martingale Roulette betting system

Martingale Roulette betting system is one of the oldest and recognized betting systems. This betting system is used for even money bets like red or black, even or odd bets. In this system player chooses a color and makes the bet. If he wins the bet he starts with the initial bet but if he loses he doubles his initial bet and starts playing again. For e.g. if a player starts the game with $5 and loses so the next bet he will make will be of $10, if he loses again he will make next bet of $20 and will continue with this till he wins the game.

d’Alembert Roulette betting System

The d’Alembert Roulette Betting System is also popularly known as cancellation system. This strategy is simple to use in which after every loss the player increases his bet by one unit and after every loss the player decreases the bet, by one unit. For e.g. If the player makes the initial bet of $10 and loses so the next bet will be of $20 and if he again loses the bet will be of $30. If the player wins at $30 the next bet will be decreased to $20.

Fibonacci Roulette betting System

The Fibonacci Roulette betting system is similar to the Martingale system but the bets are not increased in the same way like Martingale system. The increase or decrease of the bets depends upon the Fibonacci sequence, which is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 and so on. If a player loses the bet the next bet is calculated by sum of previous two numbers starting from 1-1. In case a player wins a bet then he crosses the last two numbers in the sequence and bets the new number. For e.g.  If a player wins at 21 then he will cross 21 and 13, the next bet will be of 8.

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