Poker Review

If poker is your game of choice, 888 online pokers is perfect for all your poker needs. 888 offers a full of a wide variety of casino games, such as, but not limited to, Texas Hold’Em, Omaha High, Omaha Hi/lo, 7 Card Stud Hi / Lo. As an additional benefit, WSOP and have joined forces to provide some of the best variety in poker. If you are new to the game, no worries. 888 online pokers will give you all the knowledge you need to understand your particular game. Terminology, strategy, limits, rules and rakes are all explained so that you feel comfortable wagering your monies.

If you are interested I tournament play, there are plenty of options to choose from. Be it a Sit & Go, multiplayer, multi-hand tournaments or live events, the selection is second to none. Once you are setup to play it’s just a matter of registering for the tournament you wish to play and then you’re off. Not involved or overly complex. If you are interested in casino games, visit 888’s casino site. Here you’ll be able to play all your favorite games.

Player Experience and Accessibility

888 makes it efficient for players to setup and begin playing. To start, players would download the software from the 888 online poker sites. Once that is complete and setup, players will need to register. Simply key in the required information and then it’s off to banking. There you will get the opportunity to make your first time deposits and receive any promotions in play for that time. Typically, it’s a first time deposit bonus program that is key here. That’s it, you’re up and running. As for 888, their website is easy to maneuver and intuitive. Everything the player needs is easily accessible so you’re not spending valuable time trying to find customer service or how to make a deposit.

To make play more convenient, 888 online offers mobile applications for your tablet or smartphone. Both Android and IOS applications are available. Apps for either operating system can be downloaded right from the 888 site. No need to look any further, the link is provided. From the mobile device, a player can access all the features they would normally see on the desktop. With that being the case, wherever you may be located at in the Garden State you can win.


888 online poker offers very attractive bonuses for first time players. Players will get a $10 free deposit to use as they choose. No additional deposit requirements must be met. In addition, first timers will be able to participate in a valuable first time deposit bonus that matches 100% of your deposit up to $888. This is one of the largest deposit bonus programs offered in New Jersey. 888 also offer players and $10 for Top Casino Games 888 Online Poker Tables each $100 deposited. That’s an easy 10% return just for playing.

888 online pokers have a loyalty program that rewards frequent players with cash based on an accumulation of status points. These points accumulate at a rate of 1 for every $16 wagered. As the amount of status points build and reach a threshold of 100, they can be converted for $1 in cash. Points are redeemed in multiples of 100 and do not expire. Play at the 888 casino site will permit point accumulation as well. Check the rewards terms to be sure.

Banking Options

888 online poker offers the typical banking capabilities that you see in other online gambling sites for your deposit and withdrawal needs. ACH and online banking are popular mechanisms to make your deposits. Simply provide the banking information and you’re done. For those that use other online sites as well, NETELLER is another popular choice due to the portability across casinos. 888 has recently moved to accept PayPal transactions for both deposits and withdrawals. This is very convenient and not offered at most other online poker sites. For other deposit mechanisms, 888 online pokers accepts MasterCard, Visa and Pay Near Me. Players should investigate the transactions fees for each mechanism as they do vary considerably.

Customer Service

One of the only criticisms we have with 888 online poker is that their customer service capabilities need to be improved. It’s not that the customer service team does not address your concerns in a polite, timely and informed manner. They do a great job. The issue lies with trying to contact the team. There is a Wiki and FAQ section available to players as well as the option to email customer service. Unlike others, there is no chat available nor is there the option to contact anyone by phone. These would both be beneficial but the current customer service function does address needs accordingly.

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