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Poker is a card game with many variations, which involves placing bets and individual play. The winning
player is determined by the strength and pairing of their cards, some of which are revealed only at the
end of the play. Poker games can differ in the number of cards dealt to the player. The number of
common or shared cards, as well as the number of cards that stay hidden. The rules and the ways of
betting can change depending on the type of poker game in terms of limits and splitting the pot
between a strong and a weak hand. Follow the link to view our latest offers and promotions.

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Texas Hold’em Rules

No-Limit Texas Hold’em

People are attracted to No-Limit Texas Hold`em, due to the unique mixture of ability, luck and
excitement in this variation of the game, as well as the option to put all your money on the line at any
point. There are always three options available for the player to choose from.

• Check (Call)
• Bet (Raise)
• Fold

Fixed-Limit Hold

This is perhaps the 2nd most played variation of Texas Hold`em.

In contrast to the aggressive plays predominant in No-Limit, Fixed Limit focuses more on subtlety and is
considered to be a more gentlemen-like game, where players use opening and rely on wit and style.

Pot-Limit Hold

This is a combination in the middle of No-Limit and Fixed-Limit. Its not allowed to bet all your stash at any moment, but you can place a bet of the amount thats in the pot at any moment. The maximum bet is determined by calculating all the money in the pot along with the bets on the table. This also includes any call that you`d make prior to raising.

Omaha Poker

Omaha and No-Limit

Even though Omaha can be played in No-Limit mode, it`s a very rare combination. The game has rules
and gameplay that need a certain betting structure in order to work properly and have a good flow of
the game.

Pot-Limit Omaha

In recent years, the popularity of this type of poker has drastically gone up. It is now the second most
played variation, online and offline. Actually, it even happens that close to a 100% of the night`s online
high-roller bets to happen in Omaha games.

Fixed-Limit Omaha

As the name suggests, there are fixed bet amounts in Limit Omaha.

The size of the bet dictates the size of the game. A $5/$10 game would mean that the small bet is $5
and the big one is $10. This is also the case for the big and the small blind.

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