Casino War

Casino War is a game that enjoys great popularity on the internet. Similar to the battle game, it is mainly played with 6 decks of cards which are then shuffled. The object of the game is to get the upper hand over the opponent by making a high hand. In casino war, players play against the dealer. The latter must make very specific starting bets before starting a game.

How to play casino war?

Casino War is played using 6 decks of 52 cards. The players’ goal is to make a higher hand than the dealer’s based on ascending order of card value. To play casino war, you need to know the rules and how it works.

In a casino war game, players must begin with bets. The latter must deposit their winnings on the gaming table. Players do not have to respect the taxable limits, whether they are minimum or maximum.

Then, it is up to the dealer to make his bet by dealing the cards to the players. Thereafter, the players must compare their card to this one, in order to know the values.

Finally, when the player’s hand is significantly higher than the dealer’s, the latter automatically wins the part of the game and the amount of the stakes. However, if the player’s hand is lower than that of the dealer, the latter loses the all of his initial bet.

In the event of a perfect tie between the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand, players have the choice of recovering half of their initial bet or starting a battle. For this, players must make a new bet whose value reaches the initial bet. When players are dealt a new card, such as the dealer. If their card is greater than or equal to that of the croupier, the latter win winnings, reaching once the addition of their 2 bets. On the other hand, if it is much lower, the players lose all their bets.

To learn how to play casino war well, players should not overlook the value of the cards. They must boost all their mathematical knowledge to make good combinations of cards. The latter must also rely on their poker or blackjack game strategy to establish a higher hand than the live dealer.

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