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A card game classic that has been immortalized at the movies through James Bond and many others who choose Baccarat as the premier casino venture for the rich and famous. No need to be an on-screen Hollywood spy to access this fantastic experience, Club Player Casino delivers all the rush and excitement just a click away for a gaming run of epic proportions. The basic concept in Baccarat is simple; create a two card hand that is closest to 9 and win. First, choose your bet from a minimum $2 to a maximum $200 wager per turn. Select if you want to play for the banker, player or tie option.

The banker beat means that if the dealer wins you receive a reward with just a small commission charged by the dealer. Betting on the player means you are wagering on your two card combo as the winner of the match. Finally, the Tie slot refers to the player betting on both hands being the same value; Ties have a payout of 9 to 1. Pressing the Deal Button deals 4 cards automatically, with 2 cards for the dealer and the player. The computer delivers the sum the both cards right away stating who the winner is.

Use your bankroll wisely in Baccarat to maximize your time and money. A game so easy to learn and play offers a very comfortable betting scenario in what many consider a variation of the classic blackjack game, with the difference that you can actually bet on the dealer and the global value of nine as the best hand, which makes things a lot more interesting for those who look for big payouts in no time.

Sic Bo

A Chinese table game favorite in a virtual scenario; experience the thrills of an intense adventure where players choose the lucky combination for the dice to prize their destiny. Had a bad beat and want to recover, or are you just looking to make some cash nice and easy? Sic Bo is the destination for the gaming enthusiast that wants to score big prizes and at the same time being able to control the odds with multiple wagering options.

Players can bet on many dice combinations such as specific numbers displayed on any of the three dice; ranging from individual value, total sum of the dice displayed, pairs and three of a kind. Bet a minimum $2 to a whopping $200 wagering amount per turn, Sic Bo offers so many shots at winning big that is no wonder why it is such a popular game in Asia; with its direct translation meaning precious dice, the game has been called the Eastern Roulette.

If you’ve found a good strategy when placing bets, you can replay the action with the Repeat button that places the exact same bets as the previous turn. When starting to play, go for the 1 to 3:1 payouts as it is easier to guess what one of the three dice thrown at the game will be. Progressively move up the prize table and choose multiple bets that are sure to boost your bankroll.

Online Bingo Game

No need to listen to somebody reading numbers on a microphone, Bonus Bingo delivers instant action as the numbers pop up to prize the lucky cardboard. Plenty of winning combos and dynamic animation provide a perfect electronic platform for an intense experience; classic bingo is redefined in a modern version that brings fast paced action at the player’s command.

Begin the cardboard odyssey by selecting your bet from a minimum $0.20 bet to a maximum $2 per cardboard per turn. Before you click on the Play button, it is important to know that Bonus Bingo offers two options before you start the casino venture. If you click on any given cardboard you can select or de-select each one depending on how many boards you want to play at the same time.
Some strategy guides state different views on the number of card boards to select, from 1 board giving out better odds to playing all four at once resulting in better winning combinations. As an added option, players can change the card boards with just one click, this resets the numbers randomly.

Hit the Play button and watch the numbers pop up on the screen through a carefully designed scenario that adds excitement to the experience. The gaming software gives away the results automatically stating what you’ve won by crossing one or more lines on the card boards if the player gets a specific winning selection.

Bonus Bingo displays a special bonus round when all cards complete a set of 5 Mystery Balls which are triggered at random during the game. The special bonus gives away prizes up to 150 times the value of one cardboard bet. Get your hands on the modern definition of standard bingo; Bonus Bingo is the future of lucky numbers directly into your PC.

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